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Jed's Biography
Jed's Biography
Jed F. Hayward is an American fantasy writer and author of A Journey Of Voices: Divergent Paths. He was born on December 2, 1994, in a tiny hamlet in the coldest corner of northern Wisconsin. It took him fifteen protracted years and considerable cooperation from his clan to break free from this frigid enclave and begin a sojourn south. This journey landed him on a hilltop outside beauitiful Nashville, Tennessee. Home.

Jed is known for his realistic dialog and imaginative action sequences that are grounded in time-honored reality but not bound by conventional limits. His most notable protagonist is Kyle Reed, a forward-thinking teen who is destined to change his world as well as the worlds of many others. A Journey Of Voices: Divergent Paths is the first of three novels featuring the incredible Kyle Reed. It was published by 1974 Publishing and is currently available worldwide from Amazon.

A Journey of Voices. . . (an abridged effort) has, so far, been a finalist in the 2015 Roswell Award for Short Fiction and was released with recommendation from the 2015 Nelson Algren/Chicago Tribune Literary Awards.

Jed showed himself an energetic and creative person from a very early age. Vibrant and imaginative, he has always been a dreamer, an entertainer, and class clown. He is also incredible curious about --- everything and feels a need to research fully anything he happens not to understand. This practice adds a depth to all he writes. Eventhough, through the years, his classroom has changed, he still continues his clowning and learning as a student of life.

Jed is quite athletic and greatly enjoys physical activity. He played baseball for many seasons, excelling as a catcher and showing great pitching proclivity. He was also an outstanding defensive player on his school's football team for a time. He appreciates and often participates in strength and conditioning rituals as well as tasks aimed at improving agility and cardiovascular health.

His years of little league have led to an affinity for baseball. He is just the most recent in a long line of fans within his family getting their hearts stomped annually by the Chicago Cubs.

He enjoys nature walks, especially if they are in conjunction with visiting waterfalls. His love for waterfalls was cultivated from an early age. He and his family could often be found hiking the trails of Northern Wisconsin and Michigan to whatever remote falls they happened upon. Copper Falls, Morgan Falls, Amnicon Falls, Foster Falls, Agate Falls, and Siskiwit Falls. You name it; the Hayward's have been there! At least twice! More recently, Jed has explored Jackson Falls (along the Natchez Trace National Parkway) near Shady Grove, Tennessee, and Fall Creek Falls (home of the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi River) in Pikeville, Tennessee. Breath-taking.

Jed is a juggling enthusiast, though his talent in this area pales in comparison to that of his uncle, Andy Martello. Andy is not only a professional juggler & plate-spinner but also an entertainer and an award-winning author. His book, The King Of Casinos: Willie Martello and the El Rey Club, has won several awards including the 2014 International Book Award for Best Biography. Andy was also, for a time, a headliner at the 4 Queens Casino in Las Vegas and is currently touring with the Price Is Right Live.

Jed has another uncle, Matthew Martello, who is an award-winning playwright. He had plays produced last year in Chicago and in New York City. But Uncle Matt was not the first theatre geek in the family. Jed's maternal grandfather, Don Martello, taught theatre at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and Maine South High School in Park Ridge, Illinois, for almost 40 years.

Jed's parents, Lisa & Randy Hayward, have owned and operated “Our House Crafts”, an arts & crafts business featuring permanent realistic paintings on glass and much more for more than 25 years. Lisa is an accomplished artist while Randy is a gifted craftsman and the foundation of their thriving online business. Our House Crafts is currently located within Bagbey House Antiques and Interiors, 134 4th Avenue N, Franklin, TN.

Jed is the youngest of two sons, not counting their beloved puppy of fourteen years, Buzz. Jed has an older sister, Cory, who is a composer, musician, and singer best known for her contributions to contemporary Christian music. Jed and Cory are best friends.

A 2013 graduate of Aaron Academy in Hendersonville, Tennessee, Jed had a 3.2 GPA and earned 4 points higher than the national average on his ACTs.

Jed collects retro video games and is a master of Duck Hunt. He also has an absolute passion for anime and has used this affection as a motivation to study Japanese, hoping someday to travel the world.

Jed has a love for gourmet cheeses and a feel for making yeast dough.

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